10 Tryout Tips from a Volleyball Coach You Should Know

Have you felt nervous at volleyball tryouts? We sure have! Volleyball tryouts can be stressful but they don’t need to be! Here are our tips to have the most successful volleyball tryouts with these tips from a coach.

1 – Be Prepared

One of the best ways to decrease the tryout nerves is to be prepared. Have your volleyball bag already packed the night before tryouts with your shoes, water, kneepads, and any necessary tryout paperwork. Then, all you have to do is hop in the car in your workout clothes with your bag and you are good to go.

2 – Arrive on Early

Arriving early to Volleyball Tryouts is a HUGE indication to coaches that you are there to play. Coaches want reliable players on their teams so showing up early demonstrates that trait. 

Tryouts are usually a few days so I would recommend arriving extra early the first day to fill in paperwork, get your tryout number, etc. Try to arrive around 20 to 30 minutes before the tryouts are supposed to start. Getting there early can also help decrease the stress of getting there on time.

3 – Quickly Get Your Stuff On

One of the fun parts about tryouts is seeing friends you haven’t seen in a while! Don’t let that excitement change your focus, remember you are there to show your volleyball skills. You can totally catch up with your friends at another time. Be friendly but don’t take too long to get your stuff on and start warming up! It also gives you time to help set up nets or carts of balls (Coaches love that).

4 – Don’t Talk When the Coach is Talking

Like arriving early, quietly listening to your coaches is super important. In a huddle, it easy for coaches to tell who is talking and who is listening. Coaches want respectful players on their team so listen up!


Work your butt off during tryouts. Prove to the coaches that you are willing to go the extra mile. Be the first one to the huddle, be ready for your turn in drills, and go after balls that may seem harder to get. Many coaches would rather have a hard-work player than one with more experience who doesn’t hustle.

6 – Be Loud

You are probably going to be playing with people you haven’t played with before so talking is key. Be loud and confident when you call it! You can never talk too much while playing volleyball. It’s more than just calling the ball for a pass. Talk about everything. 

Examples include: 

  • Saying the ball is up
  • How many blockers are at the net 
  • Whether the serve is short or deep
  • Calling a free ball, tip, or down ball

This will help you do better but also any groups you play with at tryouts.

7 – Don’t Worry About Making Mistakes

If you are so worried about making a mistake you are more likely to make more! Coaches will be able to tell you skill level even if you make a mistake. Use tryouts as an opportunity to improve your volleyball skills whether you make the team or not. When you make a mistake (we all do, it’s alright) take a deep breath and focus the next touch. If you are having a hard time, try to internally talk yourself through the steps for that skill.

8 – Be a Good Team Player

Even though it is a tryout, be supportive to everyone because the goal is to create a team and not one singular winner. Cheer on players on the court, give people high fives, and encourage each other when someone makes a mistake. Coaches want team players, so show that you are one throughout tryouts!

9 –  Introduce Yourself to the Coaches

Whether it is before or after the first day of tryouts, let the coaches know who you are. This makes it easier for them to create a connection between your face and the name on the tryout sheet. They may not remember everyone’s names but its the first step. 

10 – Ask for Help

Asking the coaches for feedback is another great way to show them you want to improve. If they are walking around, you can ask for help. For example, “Hi Coach, I am having a hard time with my serve and was wondering if you could watch it and give me some feedback?”. Thank them and try to apply their comments. This could work for any skill. Coaches are there to help, utilize them! (It also helps them remember you!)

Apply these tips to any school or club tryout! We can’t say doing these things will automatically put you on the team but they will improve your chances. All of this advice will help you stand out positively to the coaches during tryouts!

Good luck with your upcoming tryout!

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